Club Overview

The Robson Ranch Men’s Golf Club is a growing and active club. We currently have over 200 members of varying skill levels. We provide weekly and special events for golfers and welcome players at all handicap levels.

Sign-Up Instructions

Use the instruction on the following pages to sign up and join our club.

Contact Information

If you have a problem with the following sign-up instructions or if you need assistance or more information, contact one of the following people.

Craig SpittelHandicap and Rules Chairmanj.craig.spittel@gmail.com206-450-3461
Walt JacksonTournament Chairmanwajac85131@gmail.com303-990-2695
Terry DolandVice Presidenttadlikesgolf@gmail.com408-375-5421
John LewisPresidentjustaboxthumper@gmail.com714-742-5325

RRMGA also has a website that contains this information and other useful information about the club and our events.

Procedure for Joining Robson Ranch Men’s Golf Association (RRMGA)

You must be a Robson Ranch Homeowner or pay Annual Dues through the Golf Shop.

  1. Go to (not .com)
  2. Click the green “JOIN” box in the upper right part of the page
  3. Scroll down to Robson Ranch Men’s Golf Association
  4. Click the “Join/Renew” dark blue box to the right
  5. Click “yes” or “no” if you have ever had a GHIN number
  6. Click “New Profile Box”
  7. Complete profile information as necessary – click “Continue”
  8. Remember to write down your login and password!
  9. Select Regular Member and then click “Continue”
  10. (No promo code available to us)
  11. Complete payment information. (You pay $35 to the AGA for handicap processing and $25 to the RRMGA yearly.)
  12. Click the “Pay for My Membership” box
  13. Membership must be renewed each year by Jan.1 or your rights and privileges will be canceled.

Sign Up for a GHIN Account

The RRMGA uses GHIN (Golf Handicap and Information Network – a USGA service) to post scores and maintain your handicap.

The following are first-time sign-up instructions after receiving your GHIN# from AGA or RRGMA representative.

1.         Go to

  • In the login box under the sign-in block, click “create profile”
  • Complete *boxes for golfer registration

(Suggestion – use the same name and password as used for your account at

  • Click the “agree to Terms of Service” box
  • Click “Register”

Establish Your Initial Handicap Index

To obtain an initial Handicap Index, a player must post scores to GHIN for three rounds of golf.

Your HI (handicap index) is required to participate in our club events.

You are solely responsible for posting to GHIN all rounds played. The Men’s Club will post any Men’s Club-sanctioned event for you. Several other weekly groups will also post your round. Be sure to check and see if they will post. If unsure, post your score.

Signing Up for Weekly Club Events

Once you have an established handicap index and have a GHIN number, have met the

eligibility requirements and are a member in good standing you will be contacted by our Tournament Chairman for registration into our tournament software “Golf Genius”.

RRMGA uses Golf Genius for all our events.

You must register for each event individually and are solely responsible for your own registration.

Having been registered into Golf Genius:

  1. Enter the golf Genius Site (GOLFGENIUS.COM/USERS/SIGN-IN)
    1. At the Robson Ranch League, Go to Portal. Click Go to Portal which opens a window.
    1. On the left are the events you are eligible to join. Click on the event you want to play and you are enrolled. If you make a mistke, you can “Cancel Signup”.
    1. You will not receive a notification of a game from Golf Genius. You will, however, receive an email from Golf Genius saying that have registered for an event and what event date it is.
    1. The tournament chairman may on occasion beg you to play, but only because he is needy of players.

Day of Event Procedure

  • You will receive a Tee Sheet from Golf Genius via email showing your assigned group and time to play.
  • Show up ready to play at least one hour before the round begins.
  • If you do not have an annual membership, go into the pro shop and pay for your round. If you are an annual member, do not go into the pro shop.
  • The tournament chair will provide the pro shop with a list of players for the event and the pro shop will charge your member account the entry fee.
  • Once the game is complete, you are required to verify your score before it is turned in.
    • Your score for the Wednesday Men’s Club Event will be posted for you by the Tournament Chairman. All other rounds played during the year must be posted by you. When posting, pay special attention to the “net double bogey” adjustment.
    • There are some groups during the week who will post for you. Be sure to clarify when playing in these groups who are posting.
  • The group generally congregates after the round in the restaurant or the grill depending on the season.
  • Relax, play by the rules, play timely, ready golf, enjoy the day, and above all have fun. Remember, none of us are any good.
  • Come back next week.

RRMGA Eligibility Requirements for Men’s Club Events and Tournaments

The RRMGA has two kinds of competitions.

  • RRMGA Wednesday Events
  • RRMGA Tournaments (including our Club Championship)

RRMGA Wednesday Events

To play in a Wednesday event you must be a member in good standing and have selected a “default tee box.”

RRMGA Tournaments

To play in an RRMGA Tournament, you must have a minimum of three posted rounds at Robson Ranch Golf Course since the preceding October 1st, at least two of these rounds need to be played in the RRMGA Wednesday games.

Criteria for a RRMGA “Member in Good Standing”

  1. Be a resident of Robson Ranch or buy a yearly golf pass at Robson Ranch Golf Club.
  2. Dues are up to date with the AGA and RRMGA.
  3. Have a USGA World Handicap System Handicap Index.

Default Tee Box

  • Your default tee box as of October 15th is the tee box you will use for NET events during the current RRMGA golf season (October through early April). Switching tee boxes to play in GROSS events (like the Club Championship) can be done without any restrictions.
  • After the completion of the last tournament of the golfing year (usually played in early April) and prior to Oct. 15st, there are no restrictions as to when and how often you change your default tee box.
  • You may change the tee box during the season (Oct 15 to early April) only once.

Changes to the default tee box must be made via an email to the Handicap Chairman.


Exceptions must be requested via email and approved by the RRMGA Board.

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