2023 Eligibility

RRMGA Eligibility Requirements for Men’s Club Events and Tournaments

The RRMGA has two kinds of competitions.

  • RRMGA Wednesday Events
  • RRMGA Tournaments (including our Club Championship)

RRMGA Wednesday Events

To play in a Wednesday event you must be a member in good standing and have selected a “default tee box.”

RRMGA Tournaments

To play in an RRMGA Tournament, you must have a minimum of three posted rounds at Robson Ranch Golf Course since October 1 of the current season, at least two of these rounds must have been played in an RRMGA Men’s Club Event.

For purposes of playing in the Club Championship and the Don Juillerat Spring Open only, Effective Oct. 1, 2023, you must have played in at least 10 Wednesday Men’s Club postable rounds during the course of a calendar year from Oct. 1 to September 30.

 New members will be given the grace to complete these 10 rounds within the next year but are still required to have the three completed before the competition.

The Season is defined as the period between October 1 through the completion of the final Official Men’s Club Tournament, usually mid-April.


Criteria for a RRMGA Membership and a “Member in Good Standing”

  1. Be a homeowner in Robson Ranch or be a nonresident “Member in Good Standing” prior to October 1, 2022.
  2. Dues are up to date with the AGA and RRMGA.
  3. Have a USGA World Handicap System Handicap Index.

Default Tee Box

–       Your default tee box as of October 1st is the tee box you will use for NET events during the current RRMGA golf season (October through mid-April). Switching tee boxes to play in GROSS events (like the Club Championship) can be done without any restrictions. You will only be moved for the tournament and your default tee box will be restored at the next event.

–       After the completion of the last official tournament of the golfing year (usually played in mid-April) and prior to Oct. 1st, there are no restrictions as to when and how often you change your default tee box.

–       You may change tee boxes during the golfing season (Oct 1 to mid-April) only once. Request for changes to the default tee box must be made via an email to the Handicap Chairman who will present the request to the Board for their approval.

–       In order to use a tee box for an RRMGA Tournament, you must have posted three rounds, two of which were played in an RRMGA Wednesday event, with the exception of the Gross event as noted above prior to the tournament.


Exceptions must be requested via email and approved by the RRMGA Board.

Craig Spittel


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